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12 Tips to Achieve IBS Bloating Relief

Sick of feeling bloated?

After surveying more than a hundred women, in my private Facebook community, IBSuccess, I found that bloating was one of the IBS symptoms you struggle with the most.

Not knowing when it might happen causes stress and anxiety around the unpredictability of your situation.

You feel uncomfortable in your body and the risk of bloating and distension reduces your confidence and influences your clothing choices.

You want to be able to live your life without IBS holding you back anymore. Stop missing out on special moments and social events or having to duck out early.


I’ve been there too. Bloated, frustrated, looking for IBS relief.

Years ago, bloating was a pretty regular occurrence for me.

Multiple times a week (at least) I would feel heavy, bloated, have a distended gut (that 6-months pregnant look – I’m sure you know it!), and have painful cramps and spasms in my colon.

I didn’t know what was going on and had yet to be diagnosed.

I remember one weekend my boyfriend came to town and we went to grab some takeaway for dinner on Friday night.

I felt so gross and uncomfortable in my clothes; definitely not how I wanted to feel when I only got to see him on weekends!

I remember telling him…

“Let’s go get fries… it can’t get any worse than this anyway, I just can’t be bothered.”

Sound familiar? 

Cutting board with green vegetables and a drawing of the small and large intestines; a happy gut without bloating from IBS

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many different actions you can take to work on reducing the frequency of bloating and other pesky IBS symptoms from popping up.

But sometimes no matter how careful we are, the avoidable happens and that bloated, distended belly appears.

It can be easy to let your frustration ruin your day.

To just give up and let IBS take over control of your life.

Instead of going down that rabbit hole, I want to help you figure out how you can deal with that bloating, get rid of your bloated belly fast, and be able to move on with everything you want to do!


What you need to do to achieve bloating relief:

Everybody is different, so it might take a bit of trial and error to find the best method for you. But luckily, I have plenty of tips and tricks for you to use to make beating the bloat as easy and simple as possible!

So if bloating hits, instead of letting your day crash and burn, consider this your toolbox for finding relief and being able to move on!

Grab the free guide, Bye-Bye IBS Bloat for my top 12 tips on how you can find bloating relief.



Find out what to do when bloating rears its ugly head. Grab the free guide for 12 tips to help you find bloating relief and IBS success!

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