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The 8 week program for IBS-warriors looking to reduce symptoms, identify triggers, and stop fearing food.

It’s time to start enjoying more foods while experiencing less symptoms

Does this sound familiar…

You feel defeated, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome is just something you’re destined to live with?

You’ve tried to figure out exactly what is triggering you, but it’s like it’s changing every single time

You’re confused by all the conflicting nutrition information and advice out in the media

You’re tired of letting the bloating, cramps, and unpredictable bowel movements rule your life – dictating what you can wear and whether or not you can attend social events

I know how you feel – I’ve been there too.

 Digestive reactions use to be my regular life. At least once a week – if not more – I would experience extreme bloating, abdominal cramps, gas, and… well, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. After two years of this, I was finally diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

If I was away from home, I would have to pretend I was pregnant, because what else could that 6-month bloat baby actually be?

I was often exhausted, I often experienced anxiety attacks out of nowhere, and I was left with the impression that this was all just something I had to live with.

I thought I was eating well enough, but in reality, my diet revolved around processed foods and mainly refined carbohydrates. And when I would experience my digestive episodes I would spiral even further because “it couldn’t get any worse”.

But eventually it got to a point where I was just sick of feeling this way – I KNEW there was something better for me.

Until I realized something… I had way more control than I thought

Up to 85% of people with IBS can experience some relief with diet changes alone

So then what?


🥗 I started changing my diet – massively. Out with the processed foods, in with fresh produce, colour, texture, and real flavour!

For a while that made a huge difference, but it wasn’t the total solution.

🧘‍♀️ The next step was stress – finding techniques that worked for me; relaxation, self-care, and plenty of woo-woo.

But the final missing piece? Working on the elimination part of the digestive puzzle. (Yup, I mean 💩 – Sheldon and his bathroom schedule were definitely onto something! #bigbangtheorynerd)

Yes, I still experience some digestive complaints, because… life. There is still stress and sometimes we forget or lapse in our healthy habits.

It was a long, personal journey. But these steps became the key pillars of my approach in my practice – to help ensure your journey is easier.

Imagine what life could be like…

You’re ready to experience relief from your bloating, gas, cramps, and irregular bowel movements. You’re ready to experience body confidence and ditch the food fear so that you can embrace life again.


Figuring out the root cause of your complaints so that you can focus your approach and find relief for good.


Understanding your triggers so you can approach food and dining out without fear of a reaction and an express ticket to the toilets.


Beginning to heal your digestion and experience the halo effect in all areas of your life – from mental health, to hormones, healthy skin and your immune system.


Learning your personal balanced plate formula so that you can fuel your body with what it needs while supporting and rebalancing your health.


Creating stress reducing habits so that you’re not burdening your system and further exacerbating your IBS flares.


Releasing any negative mindset around 💩 so that your body can go back to its regularly scheduled detoxing without you holding it back.

You’ve tried everything that your colleague’s sister’s cousin recommended. It’s time to stop with the quick fixes and find long-term relief.

Imagine having results like this


I want to introduce you to Maria.

She came to me exhausted, struggling with brain fog and headaches, and complaining of a sensitive stomach and gut.

She was tired of living with regular “crises” that had her running to the bathroom and kept her up all night.

Maria suspected certain foods were causing her symptoms, but just wasn’t able to figure out the complex puzzle. 

She ate a pretty healthy diet, but often didn’t have control over her meals due to her work and home situation.

Together we built a plan that focused on improving her nutrition and creating meal time habits that worked for her unique situation. 

We included self-care and exercise goals, and discussed how she could improve her routines to achieve better sleep.

At our one-month check-in, Maria was ecstatic:

  • Her digestion was improving
  • She didn’t have any cramps or “crises” even though she ate foods that use to trigger them
  • She even noticed a decrease in the number and intensity of her headaches 



Breakthrough IBS

Breakthrough IBS is an 8+ week program designed to help you figure out what is triggering your IBS and create a lifestyle that reduces all those icky symptoms.

Basically, this program was designed to help you reduce that pesky bloating, cramps, gas, (you name it!) so that you can finally enjoy your food again – whether that’s time spent in the kitchen or out socializing with friends.

Imagine not missing out on those special moments anymore. Going out and not having to plan a quick exit strategy. Wearing that form fitting dress again! You deserve to have a life that isn’t ruled by IBSThat’s why I created this program.


Ready to get started?

(Please remember to always check with your doctor first before starting any nutritional or lifestyle changes.)

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Curious how it works?

Breakthrough IBS is way more than just a nutrition plan. You’re going to go beyond the food and really dive into all aspects of your life that could be impacting your symptoms. Not only will you come out of the program with a better understanding of what foods trigger your symptoms, but you’ll also have created long-lasting positive habits to support you every day.


Step 1


The first step is establishing your baseline. Evaluate where you’re at now and set your intentions for where you want to be by the end of the program.

  • Determine your elimination strategy
  • Prepare for the elimination
  • Understand common triggers
  • Get your kitchen in order


Step 2


During this phase, you’ll remove suspected triggers from your diet. The length of time will vary depending on your needs. But it won’t just be about food! We’ll also cover:

  • Stress management
  • Sleep quality & quantity
  • Creating habits that stick


Step 3


It’s time to start expanding your diet! Begin to reintroduce foods in a controlled manner to better understand what does – and doesn’t – trigger your IBS.

  • Create your reintroduction schedule
  • Identify other possible triggers
  • Understand trigger stacking


Step 4


Learn how to take all this information into your everyday life and create an effortlessly healthy lifestyle. Less fear around food, more feeling comfortable in your body.

  • Take your nutrition to the next level
  • Navigate talking to friends & family
  • Learn how to handle a relapse

What others are saying…

I had been experiencing constant energy dives throughout the day, and I was looking for a nutrition-based approach to improve my situation. With Heather’s help, I started feeling more energized but also worked on other digestive issues: I had always had a sensitive gut system, and the way Heather adapted my diet improved my tolerance to dairy products and reduced the occasional bloating.

She doesn’t only work on your nutrition, but on your overall lifestyle. What’s more, she keeps an eye on you – which certainly helps sticking to your goals! – and is always available to offer advice or good recipes!”

– Nefeli

“…Heather doesn’t just understand the technical things, like what vitamins are in a pepper, but she understands the mental health aspects of having a chronic disorder… like what it’s like to go out to eat with friends…”

– Julie

“I’ve worked with Heather a few times to overcome some poor eating habits. I was experiencing a lot of stomach pain after meals and she offered an easy approach to clean up my diet, balance out my levels of stomach acid and ultimately curb sugar cravings. If you are looking for some nutritional advice, I would highly recommend working with her! Not only will she help you overcome nutritional problems, but also offer advice on how to live a stress-free life.”

– Sthephany

What’s included in the program?

Full access to all video trainings, downloadable guides, and seminars


Workbooks and “homework” to help dig deep & apply everything to your life


Supportive community where you can ask questions and be cheered on!


Self-paced environment so that you can spend as much time as you need on each step

   Plus these juicy bonuses   

Bonus #1: Meal Plans

  • Standard elimination friendly meal plans
  • Keep things quick and easy in the kitchen
  • 4-weeks worth of breakfasts & dinners
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Snack & treat inspiration
  • Weekly shopping lists

Bonus #2: 1-on-1 Jumpstart Session

  • 45-minute online coaching call
  • Identify your top priorities
  • Define your program strategy

Bonus #3: My IBS Pantry

  • Exclusive resource library
  • Get your kitchen in order
  • Plan nutritious meals with confidence
What would it feel like to enjoy food again?

Ready to get started?

(Please remember to always check with your doctor first before starting any nutritional or lifestyle changes.)

1 payment of €497

Frequently asked…

Is this for me if I don't have IBS?

Nope. You should be diagnosed with IBS to take part in this program.

Think you have IBS but no formal diagnosis? Check first with your doctor before undertaking any nutritional or lifestyle changes.

Why 10+ weeks?

It’s difficult to say how long this process will take for each individual. The elimination phase can last from 2 up to 6 weeks (maximum), and reintroductions can take 6 to 10 weeks as well. The core, educational content of the course is spread out over 8 weeks. 

Can I join at a later date?

Possibly, but the next enrolment date is not yet decided. Plus, if you want to take advantage of the introductory price offer, now is the only time you can jump in at such a low price!

What if it doesn’t work for me?

With any nutrition or lifestyle changes, results cannot be guaranteed. If you don’t achieve any reduction in symptoms after the elimination phase, there will be information on other possible courses of actions to help you troubleshoot what’s going on.  

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the program there are no refunds possible. You will have lifetime access to the content, so if you cannot begin with the program as expected, you are free to start at a later time. 

What if I also have [another disease / disorder]? Can I still join?

If you have another disease or disorder in addition to IBS, this program may not be for you. Please get in touch with me to discuss this further.

Will I be able to start immediately?

The program officially starts on Monday, June 7th. But you’ll have access to everything in the Baseline module (step one) as soon as you sign-up! Plus you’ll be able to immediately book your bonus 1-on-1 Jumpstart Session.

How much support do I get with Breakthrough IBS?

Breakthrough IBS is a self-guided program. You’ll have access to a group forum and can contact me via email with questions. However, if you require more support, then one-on-one coaching may be a better fit.

I'm vegetarian / vegan, can I still join?

I would recommend vegetarians and vegans work with someone one-on-one as the risk of nutritional deficiencies is much higher. 

Is this program suitable for children?

No. This program is not suitable for children. 

I have a history of disordered eating, is this program for me?

No this program is not suitable for people who are or who have struggled with disordered eating. You can contact me and I’ll let you know of suitable alternatives to pursue. 


I believe in you…

It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Thinking that certain things are possible for others but out of reach for you. But we all have the ability to feel amazing in our bodies! You’re ready to take action and make the changes to create this reality in your life.

It’s time to take back control.

Ready to get started?

(Please remember to always check with your doctor first before starting any nutritional or lifestyle changes.)

1 payment of €497

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