8 Ways to Improve your Evening Routine for Better Sleep

Spending too much time at night staring at the clock and counting sheep? Maybe you keep calculating how much time you’ll have to sleep as you watch the minutes slip away; 7 hours… 6 hours… Making yourself more stressed out and less likely to fall asleep!

Ensuring you get enough sleep is vital to helping your body recover from the stressors of the day and build your resilience against whatever may come. Unfortunately for many of us, we just aren’t logging the hours we need, and nothing is more frustrating than getting into bed, tossing and turning, and feeling like we’re wasting time staring into the darkness as sleep alludes us.

An evening routine and ritual can seriously help your system slow down and get ready to drift off to sleep. Our body needs this time to transition especially after we’ve been on the go all day. As a child, or with your own children, you probably had a nightly ritual that you went through before bed. So why do we tend to cut these routines out as we get older and just try to suddenly change from one activity to the next?

Your evening routine should be unique to you, and you should do the things you need to help yourself unwind. To help you get some ideas, check out my latest YouTube video with 8 different ways you can up-level your evening routine and help yourself fall asleep faster. Every minute counts!

Drop a comment below with which tip you’re going to try out tonight!

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