Back in the last week of December, I spent a lot of time reflecting and working through Danielle LaPorte’s book, Desire Map. Her philosophy is less to do with goal planning and resolution setting, and more to discovering the deep rooted feelings that you are ultimately trying to achieve. Only once these are determined, do you move forward with the planning and goal setting side of things.

I found it such an amazing, challenging, uncomfortable, and joyful experience, all rolled into one. You need to dig deep to truly find the answers and sometimes the questions (and answers) are hard. But you come out the other side feeling positive, motivated, and seeing your life in a new way.

One of my core desired feelings (as they are called) was Abundance. This was reflecting my desire for abundance in many part of my life, but the biggest one was clearly an Abundance of Energy. Over the last years, my energy levels have been on such a roller coaster, and I just want to feeling like I have endless energy again to do all the things I want to do in a day.

When exploring this deeper, I was trying to do things like sleep more (which meant going from 7.5-8 hours a night up to 9), eat as healthy as possible, manage my stress better (keep meditating) and transition back to exercising again. The last one was the hardest, how to exercise for energy when you have no energy to exercise? I was trying all these things, but I just didn’t feel any improvement.

Without this goal of abundance in mind, at the same time I was learning more about the law of attraction through one of my favourite podcasts, The Lively Show. The really basic idea is that like attracts like, and by having the mindset and experiencing the world in the same way that you would if you have already received the things that you desire, you are more likely to attract them to you. It’s totally woo-woo, but I loved it, and it really clicked for me. Definitely go and check out the podcast to dive deeper into all of this!

So I started adding envisioning into my meditations. I imagined situations in the future, maybe just the day ahead, or even future milestones in my life and career, and really let myself feel the emotions of those moments. And in doing so, a wave of peace and contentment would wash over me. 

Without expecting it, I started to have more energy! Every step during my day was a step towards those things I was picturing, even though I didn’t yet understand the HOW of it. I was motivated to jump into whatever I was working on, because even if I didn’t recognize it immediately, everything had the potential to teach me something, or to provide that aha moment that might bring the HOW more into focus. I knew what I was moving towards, and every day the path ahead would become a little more clear.

In the end, it wasn’t just about making “healthy” choices in my day to day life (although these things still remain super important!). But for me it was all about mindset. You can do all the healthful things you want, but if you are dragging yourself from one to the other, you won’t get there. It’s still up and down, life throws things at you and sometimes you get pushed back further than you would like. But overall I can’t believe the difference I have felt in just the past few weeks alone. What’s clear to me know – you can’t effort your way there.

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