What's the deal with Gluten?

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with gluten, and how come so many people are against it?

Could it be that it’s gluten triggering IBS symptoms and causing the cramps, pain, and bloating to appear?

Or perhaps you’ve already cut it out, but yet your IBS symptoms are still sticking around.

On social media these days, it seems like it’s healthy eating 101 to cut the stuff out – but don’t forget that we don’t want to be unnecessarily limiting our diet.

Now I know I might ruffle some feathers with the following statement, but…

…research hasn’t shown any sizeable link between gluten and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms (when celiac disease, the autoimmune condition related to gluten, is properly controlled for).

However, many people do report anecdotally that their symptoms have lessened when cutting it out.

The thing is, it might have nothing to do with gluten!

Many gluten containing foods also contain fructans – a FODMAP! Where gluten is a type of protein, fructans are a type of carbohydrate – specifically a long chain of fructose molecules.

This is why you might still experience symptoms when ditching the gluten – fructans are found in more foods than just wheat, like onions and garlic.

And the good news is, most people with IBS can tolerate some fructans in smaller servings. For example, a couple slices of sourdough bread or a small side of pasta likely is low enough in fructans for many IBS-sufferers to tolerate – even though they contain gluten!

This is just yet another example of how individualized IBS triggers can be. What works for one person might not for you.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t tend to be one, overarching catalyst triggering your symptoms, regardless of whether you find yourself sensitive to gluten and/or fructans.

(As an aside, if you suspect you’re sensitive to gluten, be sure to be properly screened for celiac disease by your doctor.)

Check out this week’s video below to dive deeper:

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