When I was growing up, weekends generally meant pancakes with my dad and I. Most weekends they were from a box of mix that had the sort of flap-lid that would burp powdery flour that then dusted the cupboard every time it was nudged. Sometimes, when we felt more ambitious, we would pull down the massive “Joy of Cooking” tome which I’m fairly certain my parents really only ever used for pancake making anyway, and would make our breakfast from scratch. As a teenager I probably had that recipe memorized! Sometimes, in hindsight probably when my dad needed to run errands, we would even go out to McDonald’s for breakfast – but only pancakes were allowed.

I don’t think I’ve had McDonald’s pancakes in years! We probably did it mostly for the Happy Meal toys – especially when they were mini beanie babies. I think there is a cupboard somewhere at my parent’s house filled with those, still in pristine packaging.

The funny thing is, I can’t remember the last time my dad made me pancakes. I think once I was old enough to cook on my own, the task fell to me. He was happy enough to eat them, of course; in fact, I think this was his masterplan the whole time! When I was home for Christmas last year, it was definitely me who was whisking up the pancake batter in the kitchen. Now when I am home on holiday, it doesn’t matter what day of the week we have pancakes for breakfast!

Somehow he instilled this weekend ritual in me. I still love making them every odd weekend or so, even though it’s just for me. Apparently pancakes or waffles for breakfast is a really strange thing to do for Belgians? Most of the time, my boyfriend isn’t interested. Regardless, having the quiet time in the morning with a coffee, a hot breakfast, and just being able to read and enjoy the peace is my absolute favourite thing to do; these mornings are what I wait all week for!

But dad, if you read this – next time you come to visit you’re going to be the one in the kitchen.

PS: My current go-to pancake recipe is out of the cookbook, the Paleo Kitchen. I use the base and then add in what I want, blueberries, chocolate chips, etc.

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