Are you at risk of burning out? Your result is...

Uh oh...

You might be approaching

burn out


You’re experiencing some serious stress symptoms

Stress could be behind a whole host of things: 
  • Weight gain, or having difficult losing weight
  • Hormone imbalances and irregular periods
  • Digestive issues
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Inflammation
  • Nutrient deficiencies

Recognizing stress’ impact is the first step. Next you need to actively work on your foundations of health to not only help you bounce back but become more resiliant to stress in general. Because, unfortunately, a stress-free life is just a pipe-dream.


Think of your stress levels like a cup; it fills up slowly, but at a certain point it’s just one drop too much.

Your cup is basically full, so you need to take action!

You’re exhausted and fed up of feeling like for every step forward you take two steps back.

You’re sick of struggling to fall asleep and then dragging yourself out of bed each morning.

You want to get that social life back instead of collapsing on the couch and zoning out every night!

The first step is to getting your energy back is to evaluate how you’re spending your time. 

Is your schedule full of activities that are lifting you up, or just dragging you down?

It’s time to get honest with yourself, lay it all out there, and make some changes.

Luckily I have the perfect free resource for you to make this whole process so much easier!

Grab the free workbook to

Take back control of your time

When you’re feeling exhausted and burnt out, daily activities can feel like huge energy sucks.

That’s why it’s important to take some time to evaluate everything that requires your energy to see where you can make changes to lighten your load.

Let’s aim for more things that light us up and less that bring us down!

This workbook will take you step-by-step through the process of reviewing how you spend your time and creating an action plan to move forward.

I know you…

I bet you have some big scary goals that you’ve been dreaming of achieving.

Perhaps you want to get fit but you don’t have the energy or the motivation to go to the gym?

Or maybe eating healthy tops your New Year’s resolutions every time, but you can’t stick with it past January?

You’d be knocking them out of the park if you could just…

  • have more hours in the day
  • hustle harder
  • increase your willpower
  • have more energy

It’s so easy to look at snapshots of other people’s lives and wonder why they seem to do it all, while we’re sitting here in the struggle. Sometimes it’s all just too overwhelming.

Eating well and living healthyfully shouldn’t be the end goal.

These are just habits that allow you the right foundation to use your energy for the things that really matter to you.

Maybe that’s climbing the corporate ladder, going on crazy adventurous travels, or starting a family.

Healthy living is the vehicle that allows you to do all these things!


Hey, I’m Heather

A few years ago, I was literally dragging myself through my day.

I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore – I had loads of goals I wanted to do or achieve, but I lacked the motivation and the hustle to just get it all going.

Sunday evenings I would almost have a panic attack, stressed from the knowledge that a new week was starting. I felt like I hadn’t moved the needle forward in the last 7 days.

Every morning I had to drag myself out of bed with multiple alarms, which as a morning person was totally out of character! Even though I was sleeping like a log for even up to 9-10 hours, I woke up feeling as if the night never happened.

Coffee propped me up constantly, and every afternoon I couldn’t stop the compulsion from heading to the vending machine for a Diet Coke and a chocolate bar.

Every evening I would just find myself on the couch zoning out in front of the TV – too exhausted to work on the side hustle I so desperately wanted to start, no motivation for the projects around the house I wanted to do, and definitely no energy to put into my relationship or my social life.

I went from easily working 12-hour days to struggling to get through 8.

How frustrating, right?

Until I realized that my lack of motivation and my inability to “hustler harder” wasn’t actually the problem…

Stress had taken over my life and was hijacking my energy supply

I want to show you what it can look like on the other side.

When you’ve been running on empty for so long you can’t even imagine anymore what abundant energy feels like. But it is possible for everything to feel effortless again.

  • No more obsessing over what to eat

  • Finally kicking those crazy cravings to the curb

  • Having fun moving your body

  • Tackling those passion projects with enthusiasm

All by creating sustainable habits that put healthy living on autopilot.

Imagine yourself Energetic and excited every. single. day.

Grab the workbook to begin immediately

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