I think many of us are guilty of putting off certain things until something about our circumstances changes. Oftentimes that thing is happiness; “I’ll be happy once I lose these last ten pounds” or “I’ll be happy once I can leave this job”. How often have you thought: “I’ll be/do ‘x’ once ‘y’ happens”? 

Why should we wait?

Why should living our best life wait until some arbitrary thing happens, when we could be living that life right now?

We don’t need those arbitrary events to have happened in order to feel those feelings in this moment. What can you do immediately to already tap into that emotion?

For me, that looked like going out and buying some new clothes that fit properly and made me feel good, rather than wearing old things that no longer fit well. Sure, my ego took a hit, but it was a quick band-aid to rip off and it stopped the story that went through my head each morning as I got dressed. 

It also looks like trying to incorporate aspects into my routine that I was telling myself I didn’t have time for. I’d allowed obligations like work, commuting, etc. to become reasons why I couldn’t make time for other things I was passionate about. This is a story I struggle with everyday.

Convincing myself that I have an abundance of time is the hardest thing I’ve attempted to do. But if you don’t believe it, then you definitely won’t have it.

Really, it’s just easier sometimes to snooze that alarm, or watch another show on Netflix. And then suddenly your day is gone and all you’ve done is reinforced the story you have been telling yourself.

Trying to change that story is hard. This is definitely not a how-to post, because I am still trying to figure this one out. 

All I do know is that I can live my best life now, there is nothing to wait for, and I’m determined not to miss a single second of it. 

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