Funny enough, we are not big jam eaters in this house (funny, because my dad loves nothing more than a really nice raspberry jam!). So it never makes sense for us to buy jam, otherwise we end up with barely eaten jars crowding up our fridge for months before we finally declutter them. What a waste! Not to mention that it can often be quite expensive to buy a nice jam that isn’t loaded down with added sugar and/or additives.

But sometimes we do want that fruity goodness to drizzle on our yogurt bowl, or enjoy with a nice slice of sourdough bread! So whatever you want to use it for, this super simple three-ingredient jam is perfect. Play around with the type of berries to make your own flavours! (Yes, dad, that means you can make this with raspberries!) You just might need to adjust the sweetener when using a tarter berry.

Since there are no preservatives being used, it’s not going to last for months in the fridge. But what’s great is you can scale the recipe up or down to make just what you need. Thaw your berries overnight and you can put this together in no time while getting your breakfast ready in the morning.

Three-Ingredient Strawberry Jam


  • 225g (0.5lb) frozen strawberries, thawed*

  • 15mL (1 tbsp) maple syrup

  • 15mL (1 tbsp) chia seeds

Using a fork, mash the strawberries until broken down into a paste. Stir in the chia seeds and maple syrup until fully combined.

Allow to thicken for 10 minutes in the fridge.

Top your yogurt or bread with the jam and enjoy!

Makes around 125mL (½ cup) of jam

* Thawed overnight in the fridge is perfect. You can use fresh berries, but you would need to warm them using a bain-marie on the stove to get them to break down (can do the same method if you forget to thaw your frozen berries).

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