Making changes in your diet to support your health can be tricky. Often it involves breaking old habits and instating new ones, and most of the time this process pulls up a whole host of emotions and mental resistance. Our egos have dozens of reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t make a change, even when our intuition knows that it is necessary. We are literally blocking our own paths towards better health.

I speak from experience. As I’ve struggled with different issues over the past years, I became obsessed with getting a diagnosis. Last year, when I saw a functional medicine doctor after months of no energy, not being able to get up in the morning, anxiety, and a lost period to name a few, I was actually let down when I didn’t receive a single formal diagnosis. 

I was subconsciously looking for a diagnosis to take away my own responsibility and accountability for the situation. I was looking for something to blame, and a clear-cut solution or protocol to then recover from it. 

The truth was, I had to be responsible for my own health. Because diagnosis or not, I was the only one responsible for where I had ended up, and I was the only one who could turn things around again.

It was a really disheartening thought at first, until I mentally flipped a switch and allowed it to become empowering.

The problem a lot of people have, myself included, is you start identifying with your health issues. They become a part of your identity, and it can become incredibly hard to distance yourself from it. Whatever your symptoms are, they become the excuse you can use for not fully living your life. 

You might not know where to start when making changes and it could all seem very overwhelming. It’s OK to not have the answers, but remember that someone out there does have the knowledge to help you. There is no excuse for not seeking out the resources, whether that’s a book or a practitioner, in order to start taking steps forward. 

Don’t let your health define you, define your health yourself. The most difficult, but best thing you can do for yourself is to accept the accountability for your health. And remember, you deserve and you have the ability to live a vibrant, energetic life.

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