Free Webinar: Fuelling for Energy

WednesdaY, November 6th | 20h00 (CEST, PAris/Berlin)


Ready for a serious energy boost? Join me on October 29th for Fuelling for Energy: how to structure your nutrition habits for more abundant and consistent energy. Find out more below!

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This webinar is for you if…

You’re waking up exhausted every morning, even when you manage to get a full night’s rest.

You get hangry in the late morning and constantly watching the clock tick down until you can finally go for lunch.

You need that afternoon cup of coffee or sweet treat as a non-negotiable to get you through the final hours of work.

You have so many things bouncing around on your to-do list that you feel like you’ve lost control of your time and never get to the “fun” bits.

Or maybe all of the above?


Way more than you think! If your nutrition is out of whack, one of your most important foundations of health is crumbling away. Choosing the right foods can not only give you more energy, but also get rid of the rollercoaster highs and lows that ultimately have you reaching for the caffeine and sugar. 

Getting your nutrition on point means that you could finally:

Start sleeping better

Imagine how it would feel to fall asleep with ease, stay sleeping through the night, and actually wake up rested? You’d be ready to take over the world!

Stop dragging yourself through the day

It’s not that you lack motivation or willpower or need to hustle harder. If there are things you wish you could get yourself to do, like getting to the gym or working on a side hustle, properly fuelling your body will actually make it so much easier.

Tackle that to-do list with energy and enthusiasm to spare

Less brain fog means you’ll be more focused and efficient on whatever tasks you take on. How good would it feel to cross everything off the list each day and still have energy to do the things you actually want to be doing?

If you’re ready to start learning how to access this energy supply, join the FueLling for Energy webinar!

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The Basics

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019
8:00pm CEST (Paris/Berlin)
(2:00pm EST or 11:00am PST)


Part One

Nutrition Basics

This 101-style overview will give you a better idea of how our food is made up, why you need the various nutrients, and how they contribute to our energy levels.

Part Two

Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

This is a ride you don’t want to be on! So we’ll go over how to know if you’re on it, and what you can do to break the cycle.

Part Three


Maybe your veins run with caffeine? We’re going to talk how much you need to be drinking and how what your drinking is affecting your energy.

Part Four

Balanced Meal Times

We’re going to go over how to build your plate for optimal energy (with lots of examples!). But it’s not just what you put in your mouth, but also the environment you’re eating in that we need to have a look at.

Make sure to save your seat


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