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Does this sound familiar?

You probably sat at the dinner table as a kid, staring down a plate of broccoli, unable to leave the table until you ate your veggies.

We all know that eating vegetables is healthy. So why are you struggling to get them into your diet?

I bet you head out to dinner sometimes thinking about ordering a big ol’ salad, just to opt for the creamy pasta instead.

Or think about swapping out the fries for a side salad, but conveniently forget to tell the server!

You think vegetables are just boring, and given the chance you’ll pretty much always pick something else first, right?

Are you tired of fighting against yourself and laying on the guilt trip because you just aren’t eating enough of the green stuff?

I get it. It’s hard.

It’s hard to feel like making healthy choices when you’re struggling with a busy schedule, low energy, and bloating, cramps, or digestive upset that could spring up at a moment’s notice. In those moments we just want what is easy; comfort food to get you through.

I was totally there, years ago when my digestive issues were at their peak. My irritable bowel syndrome would flare up – think massive bloating, cramps, gas – and in those instances I would eat the least healthy foods because “it couldn’t get any worse”. Afterwards I would just feel frustrated at myself.

But my diet at the time was far from ideal – and I was making the cycle repeat itself with my poor choices. What I needed to do was to focus on the choices I made on a day-to-day basis to start cutting down on the number of flares I had, and thus take their power over my health away.

Now that I’ve overhauled my diet, my digestion is a completely different story. The flares that use to happen almost daily are now at an all time low. Not to mention I know now what the likely causes are, even if they are sometimes unavoidable.

Even though I still enjoy the “unhealthy” foods on occasion, choosing healthy, nourishing foods has become almost a second nature, and learning to eat more vegetables was a key part of this. It feels easy and the guilt and shame I use to hold around foods has been released.

You want to learn to eat healthy so that healthy eating habits feel effortless, get that green smoothie glow, and ditch the feeling of guilt around your food choices.

I’ve always been better at addition rather than subtraction.


Rather than focus on what to cut out, like so many fad diets do (is it fat, carbs, dairy, gluten that we should be giving up? 🤷‍♀️)…

…Let’s focus on what we add into our diet to make it even better!

This is where the veggie challenge comes in.

For 5 days, we’re going to eat (at least) 5 servings of vegetables every. single. day.

Why veggies?

Vegetables are, without dispute, one of the healthiest foods we can consume. They provide us with a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients (learn more here) that are key to good health.

Despite this, just 9% of Americans have been reported to consume the daily required amount. (And Europeans aren’t doing much better!)

By working to increase your daily veggie consumption, this is one habit that has a halo effect on your health – which means your likelihood to make other, beneficial habit changes significantly increases. Sufficient vegetable intake is a cornerstone to building a strong healthy living foundation.

Are you up for the challenge?

Join the 5-day free challenge and learn to eat healthy, eat more veggies, all while ditching the guilt and shame.

By joining the official challenge, you’ll receive:


ABC list of veggies & vegetables families for optimal variety in your diet


Serving size guidelines so you know exactly how much to aim for


Seasonal produce lists so that you can eat more nutritious, in-season vegetables and get even more bang for your buck


Daily videos about cooking techniques, organic vs. conventional, and more!

Doing this 5-day challenge will help you stay accountable and aid you in making a plan to finally start eating your veggies.

Need some extra support?

After you sign-up for the FREE challenge, you can optionally purchase the 5-day meal plan that leaves you with no excuse not to be successful.

Improving your diet doesn’t have to be complicated.

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