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Hey, I’m Heather.

Do you have some big scary goals that you’ve been dreaming of achieving? 

Perhaps you want to get fit but you don’t have the energy or the motivation to go to the gym?

I bet eating healthy tops your New Year’s resolutions every time, but you can’t stick with it past January?

You’d be knocking them out of the park if you could just…

  • have more hours in the day

  • hustle harder

  • increase your willpower

  • have more energy


There’s no way you can do all that without slowing down the space-time continuum, I hear you saying.

Well, I think you can.


I work with people just like you to determine what exactly is holding you back.

Diet, lifestyle, mindset #allofthethings

Just imagine for a second…

What would you do if you could bring your energy levels from a 4 to a 10?

No mid-morning coffee run needed. 

No afternoon dip and chocolate bar binge necessary.

Wake up feeling rested instead of dragging yourself out of bed with the alarm.

How much more would you be able to achieve?

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Nope, I don’t have a time turner to sneak extra hours into the day #harrypottergoals

It’s all by creating healthy habits.

By knowing how to tweak your life to make those crazy amazing dreams possible.

(because I promise you they are)

It’s about getting these habits on autopilot so you can stop stressing and move on with your life.