Find relief from your

IBS symptoms

and go back to enjoying

your food without fear

Does this sound like you?

You’re frustrated. Foods that are totally fine one day, can turn your digestion into an angry monster the next. You can’t figure out what is causing your stomach pains, acid reflux, bloating, or cramps, but you’ve tried every trick in the book without success. 


Dining out brings a whole host of anxiety because you worry about having a negative reaction to the food and spending more time in the toilets then at the table.


You’re sick of skipping or leaving social events early because the monster in your digestion roared its ugly head and you can barely stand up straight from the cramps and discomfort.


Sometimes you can’t wear what you want because you know how uncomfortable you’ll be if your digestion acts up; you’re sick of people asking you for your due date when it’s just a bloat baby.


You’re confused by all the conflicting nutrition information and advice out in the media.


You’re frustrated and starting to wonder if this is it for you; if your pain, cramps, bloating, or acid reflux is just something you have to learn to live with.


But most of all, you want to understand WHY you’re feeling this way.

You just want to be able to leave your house without the worry in the back of your mind that something will go wrong.

You wanna’ know how to get there?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.


Your digestive health is linked to so much more than just how your stomach or gut is feeling.

Its impact reaches far beyond the acid reflux, nausea, cramps, bloating, or irregular bowel movements. 


It could be affecting your hormones, your skin, your immune system, your weight, your mental health.


Just like how the symptoms can differ, so can the triggers. That’s why what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you.

A healthy digestion is the foundational element of good health – have you been giving it the priority it deserves?


What if, rather than chasing each new diet fad, you had an approach that actually took your unique needs into account?

But it can be much easier than you think

It’s time to stop fearing food and build confidence.

It takes time; to discover what your triggers are, to rebalance your digestive system, to learn new habits. It’s no wonder that it’s so easy to become overwhelmed and frozen – unsure of what to do next.

But if you’re ready for a different reality – one where you can go into social situations with confidence, one where you don’t need to fear food – then it’s time to try a different approach.

It’s time to create a plan that is just for you.

A plan that works with your lifestyle and for your body’s needs.

To take back control of the story and become the person you know you can be.

At first it takes energy – you may feel some resistance. But it will get easier!

  • It’s about getting that nutrition locked in; knowing your triggers and how to give your body the fuel it needs
  • It’s about taking care of yourself and your stress levels
  • It’s about turning your digestion 💩 into a well-oiled machine

In short, it’s about so much more than just food.

Hey, l’m Heather.

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner helping clients reduce their irritable bowel syndrome symptoms so that they feel comfortable in their body again & stop fearing food.

Ready to get started?


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