Set healthy living on


and create an

abundance of energy

Hey, l’m Heather.

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Consultant helping clients use healthy diet and lifestyle habits to move past stress and burnout so that they have more energy for all the other amazing things in their lives.

Let me tell you what I know…

You probably have some goals that you want to achieve. Maybe they’re fitness related (run that marathon, lift heavy things), maybe it’s health related (clear skin, beat the bloat!), or perhaps life related (start a family, get that promotion). But you’re spinning your wheels and can’t seem to get the momentum going.


You believe that you’re lacking the willpower, motivation, and energy to achieve your health and wellness goals


You feel overwhelmed at the thought of making changes and don’t really know where to start


You’re confused by all the conflicting nutrition information and advice out in the media


More than anything, you just don’t want to have to give so much brain power towards healthy living anymore


You crave that feeling of ease, peace, and contentment in your body and your life


You want healthy living to feel effortless; with your habits on autopilot so that you can move on to bigger and better things

You probably feel like there’s no way you could experience these things without more hours in the day. And while I don’t have a magic time turner like Hermione (#harrypottergoals), I know that you can get to this place. 

You wanna’ know how to get there?

 It’s all about those habits.

  • I bet you’ve started and restarted (and restarted again) your healthy living goals so many times before
  • Have you been subconsciously setting yourself up to fall short?
  • What if pushing yourself and hustling harder isn’t the answer?
  • What if you could actually become that person that craved healthy food and movement?
  • Could you ditch the mindset that struggle is necessary to create change?
  • That healthy living is hard and time consuming?

It can be so much easier than you think

It’s time to stop struggling and fighting against your body.

You’re ready to finally make changes that stick. You’re sick of propping yourself up with quick fixes like using coffee or sugar to fuel you through the day. You know that you can and should feel better and have abundant energy to tackle everything on your to-do list.

You are the sum of your habits. All those little actions you make daily come together to make up your life. You need to dig deep, reevaluate your choices and let go of those that no longer serve you. It’s time to strengthen your foundation so that you can move forward and make lasting changes. You’re ready to do the work, dive in head first and commit to this journey for yourself.

At first it takes energy – you may feel some resistance. But it will get easier!

  • It’s all about creating sustainable habits and putting them on autopilot so that it becomes effortless
  • No more exhausting mental discussions before every decision means you’ll finally feel peace and contentment
  • A diet and lifestyle plan that is unique to you means you can ditch the comparison game

Building a solid healthy living foundation will give you more energy than ever for all the amazing things you want to do and achieve

Ready to get started?


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