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Your dietetics consultation

A consultation with a dietitian is an opportunity to work on diet and lifestyle habits to maintain or improve your health status. It’s a non-judgemental space where we can openly discuss what your options are and work together to create an action plan.

You might have been encouraged to see a dietitian via your doctor, or perhaps you are taking the initiative on your own – in any case, you are welcome!

With a dietitian, we can work not only on general healthy eating, but also on diets for special health cases (see below). We will look not only at what you are eating, but your habits and preferences around food as well as sleep, stress, and movement.

Everybody’s journey is going to look a bit different depending on the goals and needs you have. We will discuss your specific requirements together in the first session.

Dietitians are bound by patient confidentiality; I will never share your personal details without your consent.

What you can expect

A personalised, step-by-step approach to make new habits manageable and sustainable.

A diet plan based on your food preferences and how you prefer to eat and cook.

No strict restrictions or rules, food is more than just fuel and should be fun and enjoyable.


More than nutrition – goals will be combined with stress, sleep, and movement habits.


Intake consultation – €60

  • 60-minute intake session
  • Where are you now in your journey and what are you hoping to achieve
  • What does your diet / lifestyle look like currently
  • Action steps to get started

Second consultation – €50

  • 60-minute session
  • Recieve your personalised action plan
  • Review and amend together your personalised action plan
  • To take place minimum 1 and maximum 4 weeks following intake consultation

Follow-up consultations – €30

  • 30-minute follow-up sessions to check-in on your progress and update your action plan as needed
  • Frequency to be agreed during intake consultation

For Belgian residents:

Are you covered by Belgian health insurance? Some insurers provide partial reimbursements for visits with a dietitian:

  • CM: €10 per consultation to a max of €40 per year
  • Helan: €25 per year
  • Medicalia: 75% of the fee to a maximum of €600 per year (for all paramedical services combined)
  • Neutraal ziekenfonds: €10 per consultation to a max of €40 per year
  • Liberale mutualiteit: €5 per consultation to a max of €30 per year

There are also some special care paths that can receive a reimbursement via RIZIV, if these have been prescribed by a doctor. You will have to pay for the consultation and then submit the certificate of attendance to your health insurance provider. In these cases, different prices may apply. This includes:

  • Diabetes type 2 “pre-care path”: maximum two 30-minute consultations per year reimbursed
  • Diabetes type 2 “care path”: maximum two 30-minute consultations per year reimbursed
  • Chronic kidney insufficiency “care path”: two to four 30-minute consultations per year reimbursed depending on stage of kidney disease
  • Children with obesity/overweight: two year program of one 60-minute intake consultation and nine 30-minute follow-up consultations (five follow-up consults in year 1, four in year 2)

The information above may not be complete and is subject to change. If you are unsure about what reimbursements you are entitled to, it is best to reach out to your insurance provider directly. If you have questions regarding consultation rates feel free to get in touch.


Choose the location that works best for you:




Kine Krijgslaan | Krijgslaan 24, 9000 Ghent


Paramedische Praktijk De Driehoek | Leedsesteenweg 61, 9420 Erpe

I can help you with diet and lifestyle advice for the following:


Creating & maintaining general healthy habits


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) / low-FODMAP


Supporting a healthy pregnancy, from the pregnancy wish through to post-pregnancy and beyond


Achieving and/or maintaining a healthy weight


Pre-diabetes & diabetes type 2


High blood pressure (hypertension)


High cholesterol (hypercholesterolaemia)


Digestive issues (acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea, etc.)

Looking for advice on something else or unsure what you need?

Get in touch and let me know what you are looking to achieve.

What people are saying…

“For a long time I had been thinking of improving my eating habits and incredibly I found Heather at the moment that I decided to go for this change. Heather’s dedication, attentiveness and tailored advice really encouraged me to adopt healthier ways of eating and with her follow-ups I could really see my improvement in so many areas! I believe that my husband is also more thankful to Heather without knowing… Thank you for the great work and for going beyond and above!”


I started working with Heather during the Covid-19 pandemic, as I was experiencing low energy due to the lockdown. After starting following her advice on what to increase and what to decrease in my diet, I started feeling my energy coming back day by day, increasing my motivation at work, and pushing me to develop new habits to stay healthy.

Many of these habits are still part of my daily routine and I definitely plan to keep them in the future!


After setting myself a variety of goals to take my health more seriously, I decided speaking to a nutritionist was high on the priority list. I had been going to the gym regularly and eating well but still was having some issues with acid reflux, low energy and stomach cramps among other things.

After speaking with Heather, I was able to implement a few small changes that helped manage my acid reflux after months of struggling. […] I was so surprised to realise that there were a few types of food which were regular staples of my diet that were actually causing most of the inflammation and discomfort I had been experiencing.

This awareness has been so helpful with meal planning as I can now consciously edit my recipes to help make them more suitable for my dietary needs. Cutting out the worst culprits entirely has made a massive difference to my day to day and really has kept down the bloat! I’d definitely recommend signing up to Heather’s coaching program. You never know what you’re going to find out about yourself!”



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