Ditch the

IBS uncertainty

& get back to enjoying

life on your terms

One-on-one coaching designed to help you feel confident and at peace in your body when you just can’t stomach another round of pain and bloating.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel defeated, like digestive upset is just something you’re destined to live with?

You struggle to figure out exactly what is triggering you, and feel like it’s changing every single time

The uncertainty and unpredictability of when IBS symptoms are going to hit leaves you stressed and anxious.

You’re confused by all the conflicting nutrition information and advice out in the media

You’re tired of letting the stomach pain, cramps, or bloating rule your life – dictating what you can wear and whether or not you can attend social events

Hey, l’m Heather and I’ve been there too.

Digestive reactions use to be my regular life. At least once a week – if not more – I would experience extreme bloating, abdominal cramps, gas, and… well, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. After two years of this, I was finally diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

I was often exhausted, I often experienced anxiety attacks out of nowhere, and when I decided to come off birth control, I said goodbye to my period for almost 2 years.

I thought I was eating well enough, but in reality, my diet revolved around processed foods and mainly refined carbohydrates. And when I would experience my digestive episodes I would spiral even further because “it couldn’t get any worse”.

But eventually it got to a point where I was just sick of feeling this way – I KNEW there was something better for me.


I needed to be honest with myself that I needed to make some changes.

So then what?

🥗 I started changing my diet – massively. Out with the processed foods, in with fresh produce, colour, texture, and real flavour!

For a while that made a huge difference, but it wasn’t the total solution. My restrictive new diet just added more stress to my life, and didn’t help me figure out what was really triggering my symptoms.

Truth bomb:

It’s about way more than what you eat. 

🧘‍♀️ The next step was stress & mindset– finding techniques that worked for me; relaxation, self-care, and plenty of woo-woo. This was so much harder than swapping things around in my diet.

I was so resistant to this side of things at first!

How many times have you beaten yourself up for eating the “wrong” thing?

How often have you panicked when looking at the menu at a restaurant or dreaded attending social events?

How many times have you started and stopped some new habits?

Imagine what life could be like…

You’re ready to experience relief from your stomach pain, bloating, cramps (and other unmentionable symptoms). You’re ready to experience body confidence, and ditch the food fear so that you can embrace life again.


Figuring out the root cause of your complaints so that you can focus your approach and find relief for good.


Understanding your triggers so you can approach food and dining out without fear of a reaction and an express ticket to the toilets.


Beginning to heal your digestion and experience the halo effect in all areas of your life – from mental health, to hormones, healthy skin and your immune system.


Learning your personal balanced plate formula so that you can fuel your body with what it needs while supporting and rebalancing your health.


Creating stress reducing habits so that you’re not burdening your system and further exacerbating your digestive flares.


Releasing any negative mindset around 💩 so that your body can go back to its regularly scheduled detoxing without you holding it back.

You’ve tried everything that your colleague’s sister’s cousin recommended. It’s time to figure out what’s going to work for you.

Ready to ditch the uncertainty and unpredictable IBS symptoms?

Book a breakthrough session to discuss what the future could look like.

Imagine having results like this


I want to introduce you to Maria.

She came to me exhausted, struggling with brain fog and headaches, and complaining of a sensitive stomach and gut.

She was tired of living with regular “crises” that had her running to the bathroom and kept her up all night.

Maria suspected certain foods were causing her symptoms, but just wasn’t able to figure out the complex puzzle. 

She ate a pretty healthy diet, but often didn’t have control over her meals due to her work and home situation.

Together we built a plan that focused on improving her nutrition and creating meal time habits that worked for her unique situation. 

We included self-care and exercise goals, and discussed how she could improve her routines to achieve better sleep.

At our one-month check-in, Maria was ecstatic:

  • Her digestion was improving
  • She didn’t have any cramps or “crises” even though she ate foods that use to trigger them
  • She even noticed a decrease in the number and intensity of her headaches 



Your personalized, IBS roadmap


Designed to help you create a lifestyle that reduces all those icky symptoms.


To get rid the stress and uncertainty about when/if your IBS is going to be triggered.

Imagine not missing out on those special moments anymore.

Going out and not having to plan a quick exit strategy.

Wearing that form fitting dress again!

You deserve to have a life that isn’t being held back by IBS.



  • An intensive session to deep dive into your situation and create an action plan together
  • A clear step-by-step, personalized roadmap to implement the 5 Pillars in a way that works with your life & schedule
  • Biweekly check-in sessions to keep the progress rolling in & a full re-evaluation at the end to see how far you’ve come
  • Email support in between sessions (on work days) for any questions that come up
  • IBS-friendly recipes & meal planning inspiration
  • Your own personal cheerleader and accountability partner to keep you on track!

What people are saying…

“For a long time I had been thinking of improving my eating habits and incredibly I found Heather at the moment that I decided to go for this change. Heather’s dedication, attentiveness and tailored advice really encouraged me to adopt healthier ways of eating and with her follow-ups I could really see my improvement in so many areas! I believe that my husband is also more thankful to Heather without knowing… Thank you for the great work and for going beyond and above!”


“I had been experiencing constant energy dives throughout the day, and I was looking for a nutrition-based approach to improve my situation. With Heather’s help, I started feeling more energized but also worked on other digestive issues: I had always had a sensitive gut system, and the way Heather adapted my diet improved my tolerance to dairy products and reduced the occasional bloating.

She doesn’t only work on your nutrition, but on your overall lifestyle. What’s more, she keeps an eye on you – which certainly helps sticking to your goals! – and is always available to offer advice or good recipes!”



JULIE (see video) appreciates how my work goes far beyond just nutrition. It’s one thing to be able to share the vitamin and minerals that are in our food, but being able to understand the big challenges that you’re facing on a daily basis is what makes the difference.

Whether it’s the stress of new situations, going out to eat, or navigating a dinner party with friends or family, I’ve been where you are and can help you find a strategy to cope and thrive when these challenges come up.

After setting myself a variety of goals to take my health more seriously, I decided speaking to a nutritionist was high on the priority list. I had been going to the gym regularly and eating well but still was having some issues with acid reflux, low energy and stomach cramps among other things.

After speaking with Heather, I was able to implement a few small changes that helped manage my acid reflux after months of struggling. The biggest change occurred when she convinced me to try an AIP elimination diet. I was so surprised to realise that there were a few types of food which were regular staples of my diet that were actually causing most of the inflammation and discomfort I had been experiencing.

This awareness has been so helpful with meal planning as I can now consciously edit my recipes to help make them more suitable for my dietary needs. Cutting out the worst culprits entirely has made a massive difference to my day to day and really has kept down the bloat! I’d definitely recommend signing up to Heather’s coaching program. You never know what you’re going to find out about yourself!



“I’ve worked with Heather a few times to overcome some poor eating habits. I was experiencing a lot of stomach pain after meals and she offered an easy approach to clean up my diet, balance out my levels of stomach acid and ultimately curb sugar cravings. If you are looking for some nutritional advice, I would highly recommend working with her! Not only will she help you overcome nutritional problems, but also offer advice on how to live a stress-free life.”



“Heather has been very helpful. She used a very scientific way of processing and I had a very complete report (both written and oral) that matched my objectives concerning both improving the way I eat and also being healthy in general.

At personal level, I didn’t want a complete revolution but an improvement in my nutrition without drastic change. After a few months I’m very satisfied with the very concrete advice and results she gave me.”




Ready to dine out with confidence and not fear of running to the toilet?

Book your Breakthrough Session and let’s get started.

Get some A’s to your Q’s

Are you going to tell me to eliminate gluten/dairy/alcohol/etc.?

Not necessarily! Some people do well with those things, and some not. It’s really going to depend on where you are at.

There’s always the possibility that we eliminate certain foods temporarily and then reintroduce them further down the line to see how your body reacts.

Are you going to tell me to take supplements?

Supplements are generally not a big part of my work. I prefer for you to get all your nutrition from real, whole foods. If you want to take a supplement, you should always discuss it with your primary care doctor before beginning any protocol.  

I am not a medical doctor or providing any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I am not licensed to provide prescriptions.

I'm vegetarian / vegan, can I work with you?

Yes, absolutely. It can be tricky to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet and ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need – working with someone on this is a great step!

I have an autoimmune disease, can I work with you?

Yes! I’m a fully certified autoimmune paleo coach.

However you should always continue working with your primary care doctor and continue any treatment plan you are already on.

Will you tell me exactly what to eat every day?

No. But I will help you learn how to build a balanced plate and make smart choices, plus give you some recommendations of things to include or try to limit. Meal plan add-ons are possible for a certain number of meals per week. It’s important for you to also learn how to plan and organize your meals, so a meal plan detailing exactly what and how much to eat every day tends to be counter-productive.

Do you work with women / men / children / couples?

I work with both women and men but at this time do not work with children (under 18).

I will work with couples; however, the price still remains per person and therefore the sessions would be double in length (if you would like to have your sessions together).

Do I need to be located in Europe to work with you?

Nope! All my work is done online and our consultations will take place using a video conferencing system called Zoom. I’ll give you all the information you need prior to our first meeting.

My hours are very flexible and should allow you to find a time that suits you – no matter your schedule or timezone!

How far in advance do I need to book my sessions?

The first, intensive session as well as the re-evaluation must be booked at least one week in advance. This is because you will need to complete some forms as well as provide them to me with at least 2 business days to prepare in advance.

The check-in sessions can be booked at a minimum 48-hours in advance. However during our first session we will likely set up all our future sessions in one go to keep it simple!

What if I need to cancel / reschedule a session?

Appointments can be changed or cancelled up to 24 hours prior to appointment time. After this time, changes/cancellations will result in a 50% charge of the appointment fee. No-shows will result in a 100% charge of the appointment fee.

How long will I need to commit to?

One-on-one coaching is for a minimum of 4 months. In practice it can take at least this amount of time to really make and see results. There are no quick fixes, so be prepared to make the commitment and do the work.

Do you have a refund policy?

The package will only be refunded for the amount of unused time. If you request a refund less than 24 hours before a scheduled session, that session will be charged as a late cancellation.


I believe in you

It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Thinking that certain things are possible for others but out of reach for you. But we all have the ability to feel amazing in our bodies! You’re ready to take action and make the changes to create this reality in your life.

There’s nothing holding you back but your own mindset

Start now with a Breakthrough Session.

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