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Here, there, and everywhere – staying healthy while away from home

Healthy Travel Tips – Road Trip

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on UnsplashEven though health and nutrition is my passion, travel has always been up there as my number one. Discovering new places, cultures, and food just fills me with energy and inspiration, whether its a one-day city trip, a...

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Sights of India – Part 2

After visiting Delhi and Agra, we headed towards Jaipur as our final leg of sight-seeing before finishing the loop back in Delhi. Jaipur is known as the pink city, due to its distinctive tint on most of the buildings. It's the one place I really wish I had had more...

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Sights of India – Part 1

There is an abundance of gorgeous and breathtaking sights in India. As we travelled the "golden triangle" from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur and back we had the chance to visit a whole host of amazing locations. The architecture is beautiful and as you travel you start to...

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Tasting India: The Delhi Food Walk

Earlier this year we got an amazing opportunity to travel to India for ten days with a group of Rotarians. (I'll talk more about the total experience in a later post.) Travelling to India our first worry was whether we would enjoy and adapt to the local food. Neither...

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Discovering Indonesia – Temples Around Ubud, Bali

After our journey throughout the island of Java, Indonesia, we then hopped on the ferry and travelled over to the island of Bali - probably the most well known of the Indonesian islands. As we drove throughout the island, you could feel Bali's unique character come...

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Discovering Indonesia: Rice Planting in Yogyakarta

After visiting a soy production facility on our bike ride outside Yogyakarta, we continued cycling into the rice fields. There were fields at all stages of growth, but we found a few friendly local women out planting in a field who were kind enough to demonstrate and...

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Why I Decided to Move Abroad

I get asked why I moved to Belgium a lot, basically every time I meet a new person! And I have to say I have the easiest, default answer, that never fails to garner a sage nod of understanding and allow the conversation to move on. (Not that I don't want to talk about...

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