I can already hear you wondering, “but what exactly are z’oats”? Well, they’re…

Zucchini oats!

Hopefully I haven’t completely lost you with that, but I swear that adding zucchini into your oatmeal is barely detectable. Grating the zucchini makes it blend in with the oats, and it add bulk and some great vitamins and minerals into the mix while cutting down on the heavy, starchy carb load that a bowl of porridge can weigh you down with. It’s also a sneaky way to get some extra veggies in for those picky eaters!

You can choose yourself whether to leave the skin on the zucchini or not. The skin of vegetables do often provide some additional nutrients, but of course in this recipe the green skin makes it a bit more obvious that you have something hiding in your bowl of porridge.

The addition of cacao makes whole bowl feel extremely decadent, but it’s totally guilt-free! Plus cacao offers a whole host of nutritional benefits, for example studies have shown a positive effect on cardiovascular health and blood pressure, and it is chock full of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, sodium, and phosphorus. 

Ready to try out this unconventional pairing? You can find the recipe and many more in my free Breakfast eBook – just click below to download!

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